Wednesday, October 11, 2017

FOM 5 schedule - draft

FRIDAY, November 3, 2017

9:00 am            Introduction by FOM chair Seán Ó Nualláin

9:05 am           Mind & World Introduction by session chair Brian Swimme

9:15  am          What a Real Theory of Consciousness, Quantum Observation, Awareness
                                     and Attention May Look Like – Seán Ó Nualláin

10:00 am         Quantum Mind: Cognition as Vibration – Aamod Shanker et al


11:00 am         Reality, Subjectivity and Truth in a Self-Aware Mind – Kirill Popov

11:40 am         Plasma Brain Dynamics (PBD): II Quantum Effects – Zhen Ma

12:20 pm         Cosmogenetic consciousness  - Brian Swimme CIIS


2:00 pm           Henry Stapp

2:40 pm           Commentary & Role of Observation in the Quantum World - Menas Kafatos

3:00 pm           Consciousness & Causality: Sub-Quantum Time-Symmetric - Adrian Klein

3:30 pm           Linear Thinking & Self-Consciousness Process - Mansoor Vakili

4:00 pm           Voluntary Action, Conscious Will & Readiness Potential - Syamala Hari

4:30 pm           If AI Asks Questions, Will Nature Answer? - Cynthia Sue Larson

5:00 pm           New Approaches to QM Measurement Problem - Stan Klein, Chris Cochran

5:30 pm           PANEL: Henry Stapp, Adrian Klein, Mansoor Vakili, Stan Klein

SATURDAY, November 4, 2017

11:00 am         Quantum, Entheogenic and Ethnogenic Healing – Chair Tania Re

11:00 am         Are there enough scientific evidences to recommend psychotropic substances for therapeutic use? Implications of a critical umbrella review.    Tania Re

11:40 am         Reterritorialization & Mental Illness - Seán Ó Nualláin

12:20 pm         Difficulties in Inorganic and Organic Measurement of Energy, Nature’s Influence and Mind Training (Yi) in Qigong (Qi).Phillip Shinnick and Laurence Porter


2:00 pm           Observations – Arora & Behera

2:40 pm           QM Automata, Gödel Numbers & Self-Ref Consciousness - Fred Alan Wolf

3:20 pm           Continuity, Time & Opposition of the Dominant Paradigm - Stan McDaniel

4:00 pm           Mimicking Intelligence - Wolfgang Baer

4:40 pm           AI & the Human Biofield: New Opportunities & Challenges - Bev Rubik

5:20pm            Intention at a Distance as Source of Information Transfer & Wave Function
                                     Collapse – Karla Galdamez

6:00 pm           PANEL: Fred Alan Wolf, Wolfgang Baer, and others